Yakuza (3/4)

Gangster games kind of blur together to me.  Escape prison/have dreams of money, then a guy says “do an illegal thing” and you shrug and do that illegal thing.  Plus more illegal things because mreeehhhh.  They’re always open world, feature someone who will betray you because the plot says they have to, there are drugs, mafiosos and everything just goes through the motions.

Yakuza though stands out for me though.  Why?  Because every fight ends with people spitting their broken teeth fragments out while sobbing for forgiveness into your leather shoes.  Plus it’s intensely Japanese, which is refreshing in that not once does someone reference The Godfather. Continue reading



For those who recognize my title, congrats!  I can hear your mixture of euphoria and dread from here.  But nevertheless, I’m here to tell you about one of my favorite games, warts and all.  So join me on my little trip back to 90s jRPGs!


Man, I can hear the music now.

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Metal Gear Rising

I’m keeping this one really short and sweet.  Do you like robots?  What about ninjas?  What about ninja robots?  What if they were fighting other robots?  Some of them also ninjas?

Then you better get Metal Gear Rising.  Everything from here on is going to be a bit spoilery and gushy. Continue reading

Katamari Damacy

We didn’t stay away from games for long, I know, but here’s a game that’s very near and dear to my heart.  Katamari Damacy.  You know what it’s about?  You’re the Prince of the Universe, tasked with rolling up everything you can find into a giant ball and then throwing it into space to make stars out of it.  The reason?  Your dad got drunk one night and broke all the stars.  Or in the sequel, because people liked the first game so much.

Yes, the story to the sequel is that people liked the first game so they made another.  Genius. Continue reading

Far Cry 2 aka Malaria and Western Interventionism in Africa

I promise, next week we’ll talk about something that isn’t a game.

I mean, I will talk about a game, but there will be something else too.

This week though, we’re talking about Far Cry 2.  A game about malaria, ethnic wars in Africa, and westerners coming in and fueling the whole thing.  I know, another pile of joy. Continue reading

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is Gorgeous

I promise I’m not going to just talk about games.  Really.

But this one I feel pretty strongly about.  What in particular?

The art.


It’s even prettier in motion



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Dark Souls (Again)

Assuming you’ve read the title, I can already hear some of the lamentations of both you and your women.  “But wait internet person!” you shriek in horror, “you’ve already talked about Dark Souls!”

I sure have.  I talked about the gameplay anyway.  I never talked about the atmosphere or the story telling.  Both of which are both sparsely detailed and yet full of information.  So we’re dipping down into my “minimalist” part of my theme today! Continue reading