Gettin’ Stuff Done

I may not have written as much as I’d care to over the past year or so of my hiatus, but you can bet your sweet bippy I haven’t been sitting idle either.  Between 56 games, 15 shows or movies and 16 books, I’ve been consuming fiction like it’s going out of fashion.

All with the help of lists!  Yeah, not every post here is going to be a winner.

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Quit Saying Epic

I’ve only got a little bit to go over this, so here it is.

Every time you say epic, I’m 90% sure you’re using it wrong. Continue reading

Daily Writing

As part of my drive to improve my writing, both in quality and quantity, I’ve been trying to write every day.  To this end, I’ve started producing content for a small RPG website.  News stories to start, but hopefully I’ll start having columns, reviews, etc. to add to the growing site.  It’s been interesting writing every day, especially since so many have been news story.

I found out I’m terrible at news stories.

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Beer is Awesome

I actually don’t have much to post this week.  Between job interviews, trying to finish up my novel (only a few major scenes left to go on the first draft!) and maintain something that could be mistaken for a social life if you squinted hard enough, I haven’t had a lot of time to roll things around in my head.

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I’ve been thinking, good possibly regular reader, you and I likely haven’t been properly introduced yet.  Sure, you can click on that about page and get a pseudo snapshot view of myself and this blog, but who am I really?  What are my goals?  My ideals?  Why did I make this blog? Continue reading

Satisfaction: Thy Name is Dark Souls

Between looking for jobs and pretending to be working on my novel (shhhh, don’t tell me) I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls.  For those not in the know, it’s a game that has a reputation for being hard.

A very well earned reputation.

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Finding the Positive

Life can be poop sometimes.  Today, for example, I was supposed to get up real early, get dressed all nice and go to a real life, big boy interview!  For a management position even!

Then I looked up the company online and found out it was a pyramid scheme.  Whoops.

So my morning went from that, to surprising my girlfriend with coffee and early breakfast.  Just gotta stay positive. Continue reading