Bash: A Tale of Serving Heroes (1)

I’ve decided to try putting up some of the little things I’m working on, since I seem to be unable to conjure up blog topics every week.

“Thank you for calling Bash, my name is Alexander, how can I help you?”
“I am Sir Harold of Misra and my sword isn’t working.”
“Ok Sir Harold, how isn’t your sword working?”
“It’s just not working.”
“Is it not cutting? Is it a flaming sword?”
“No, it’s not a flaming sword. And yes it still cuts fine.”
“Ok sir, so how is the sword not working?”
“If I knew I wouldn’t be calling you.”
“Sir, is that a dragon?”
“Yes, I’m trying to use this stupid ice sword on this dragon, but it’s not freezing it.”
“Sir did you say it’s an ice sword?”
“Yes, I just said that.”
“And it’s not freezing the dragon?”
“Yes, I said that too.”
“Sir, ice dragons can’t be frozen with our ice swords.”
“Then what good are they!?” Continue reading


Hiatus? More like Got a Job

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog.  A lot has happened in my life since I started it some two years ago.  I got a job, got promoted, moved, a whole slew of important things were going on.

And you know what wasn’t happening?


As if it was hard to guess. Continue reading

“Only You” Stories

I’m going to jump right into this: I don’t think characters should be special snowflakes.  They can be special, unique, more or less important than others, etc. but I hate the idea that they have an intrinsic, and unique, purpose in the story.  ONLY THEY can pull the sword from the stone!  ONLY THEY can climb this mountain!  ONLY THEY can tell a guy a joke and make him laugh.

It’s dumb, lazy and I don’t like it. Continue reading

No Limit Fallacy

I’ve been going on and on about big things.  Big villains, tough heroes, over the top craziness.  But you know what kills me?  What drags a story down into the mud before leaving a hunk of lead in its proverbial brain?

Not putting limits on things.  I’m sure reading that makes you roll your eyes if you read my breathless gushing for Gurren Lagann and actually watched it. Continue reading

Daily Writing

As part of my drive to improve my writing, both in quality and quantity, I’ve been trying to write every day.  To this end, I’ve started producing content for a small RPG website.  News stories to start, but hopefully I’ll start having columns, reviews, etc. to add to the growing site.  It’s been interesting writing every day, especially since so many have been news story.

I found out I’m terrible at news stories.

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I’ve been thinking, good possibly regular reader, you and I likely haven’t been properly introduced yet.  Sure, you can click on that about page and get a pseudo snapshot view of myself and this blog, but who am I really?  What are my goals?  My ideals?  Why did I make this blog? Continue reading