Hiatus? More like Got a Job

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog.  A lot has happened in my life since I started it some two years ago.  I got a job, got promoted, moved, a whole slew of important things were going on.

And you know what wasn’t happening?


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Katamari Damacy

We didn’t stay away from games for long, I know, but here’s a game that’s very near and dear to my heart.  Katamari Damacy.  You know what it’s about?  You’re the Prince of the Universe, tasked with rolling up everything you can find into a giant ball and then throwing it into space to make stars out of it.  The reason?  Your dad got drunk one night and broke all the stars.  Or in the sequel, because people liked the first game so much.

Yes, the story to the sequel is that people liked the first game so they made another.  Genius. Continue reading

Jake (From Adventure Time)

As should be no surprise to anyone, I really like Adventure Time.  The silly characters, the over the top action, the very adult jokes slipped in as subtly as a knife between ribs.  It’s just a great mix of silliness.

One of the things that really puts it over the top for me is Jake the Dog.  Between his childlike attitude about most things, his ridiculous powers of stretching and his adult mindset he’s a great foil for the still growing Finn the Human. Continue reading


There’s no small list of things I enjoy in fiction.  Big, over the top shoot em ups (like in the movie Shoot Em Up), slow, creeping horrors (like in The Thing) or more cerebral movies that like to mess with you up till the end (like Jacob’s Ladder).  There’s one thing I love in a lot of stories though.  It’s typically relegated to horror stories, or more dramatic “man vs. nature” type affairs, but it can end up in lots of places.

If you read the title, you know I’m not talking about funhouse mirrors. Continue reading

Hammy Villains

Let’s get a little less specific than we have been.  Let’s talk about something I enjoy in any form of media.  Villains come in all flavors and sizes.  There’s the small villains, the little thugs and goons that threaten a character.  The inhuman ones, either monsters or environmental horrors or terrors lurking in a character’s own mind.  Then there’s the bigger villains, people, monsters, so kind of overarcing villain that always is somehow in focus. Continue reading

Gurren Lagann

Like I promised, no games in this post.  Maybe in another G post though.  No promises.

Instead, we’re going to focus on one of my favorite shows: Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Usually shortened to just Gurren Lagann.  You know what I love about this show?

It’s a show where you can literally invent teleportation to punch someone if you need to.


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Far Cry 2 aka Malaria and Western Interventionism in Africa

I promise, next week we’ll talk about something that isn’t a game.

I mean, I will talk about a game, but there will be something else too.

This week though, we’re talking about Far Cry 2.  A game about malaria, ethnic wars in Africa, and westerners coming in and fueling the whole thing.  I know, another pile of joy. Continue reading