Bash: A Tale of Serving Heroes (1)

I’ve decided to try putting up some of the little things I’m working on, since I seem to be unable to conjure up blog topics every week.

“Thank you for calling Bash, my name is Alexander, how can I help you?”
“I am Sir Harold of Misra and my sword isn’t working.”
“Ok Sir Harold, how isn’t your sword working?”
“It’s just not working.”
“Is it not cutting? Is it a flaming sword?”
“No, it’s not a flaming sword. And yes it still cuts fine.”
“Ok sir, so how is the sword not working?”
“If I knew I wouldn’t be calling you.”
“Sir, is that a dragon?”
“Yes, I’m trying to use this stupid ice sword on this dragon, but it’s not freezing it.”
“Sir did you say it’s an ice sword?”
“Yes, I just said that.”
“And it’s not freezing the dragon?”
“Yes, I said that too.”
“Sir, ice dragons can’t be frozen with our ice swords.”
“Then what good are they!?” Continue reading


Mann-er Training

“So you’re Max Armstrong?” Billy said in awe.

“Nah, that’s my business name,” he laughed, leaning back against the desk, “my real name is Mann Power Steele.” Clapping his hands together, he leaned towards Billy eagerly, “let’s man you up.” Continue reading

Giant Slayers

Davin woke from burning nightmares to cold reality.  The cave was still cool from the frigid night.  A few smoking coals in a fire pit had kept the cavern warm, even as the chill had tried to linger till dawn.  Outside, the sun was starting to rise and Davin’s traveling partner was busying himself with a cup of caffeine. Continue reading

The Feeder


There was a man who lived in a little room. He wasn’t interesting, smart or attractive, just a caring little man. Little interested him, all he did day in and day out was his job. He’d slide open the metal bolt, slowly opening the steel door to the feeding room. All around the barren room were the blackened cages, long shadows falling over their interiors. Inside the creatures lingered, slowly pacing back and forth, growling at the presence of the little feeder man. He held out the large pieces of cut meat, tossing them into each cage with little issue. All he heard as thanks were the sounds of their teeth tearing through the fresh meat, snapping bones and sucking marrow. Continue reading

Myself and I

There was falling. It was the sort he’d grown accustomed to. Endlessly falling through boundless black. No stars, no moon or cities. No horizon. Just black, as far as he could see. It ended the same way every time. Splattering his face across the top of a desk, or the side of his wrist. There were never spikes at the bottom, or hard concrete. Just awareness.

It was the worst thing to find.

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Space Salvage Pirates

The attack was over in seconds. Before he’d realized anything had happened, the screen had gone blank and he’d been alerted that he’d died from mass trauma and oxygen deprivation. It wasn’t pleasant, but he imagined it’d be worse if he had to find out for himself that he was dying from those. Continue reading

Mann Training

Billy’s life was stressful. Between the girlfriend who had left, with most of his things, and his job, which wasn’t in a hurry to pay him enough to replace them, he was sitting on the edge of an inflatable raft in the middle of his living room. Laid out in front of him was the local newspaper, namely the Want Ads.

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